Mesa Lunga – Spanish Tapas!


So, due to an unforseen sickness (and I’m looking at you Andy!) we only managed to get out to Gouger St this weekend just gone. After walking the whole street and getting increasingly hangry (don’t know? look here), we settled on going to Mesa Lunga, which is located on the corner of Morphett St and Gouger St. It’s like we were scraping at the edges, so to speak. Whilst I had been here before, it was completely new to Andy.

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Sorry for the lack of things and stuff.

Guys, I think we had big ideas for this blog, and then it just got lost…

BUT, it’s time to get things going again. This weekend, I will try to lure the clueless Andy out to a dinner on Gouger. Somewhere new, somewhere shiny. :) So, armed with my camera (!! poor thing isn’t looking too good these days!) I will snap at my food like a hipster all in order to bring you a new review! 



The Marquis

Well, here is goes – our first review, and in my eyes what better way to start it with a restaurant that easily pulled off a feast for the senses. There is so much to discuss about The Marquis that this is a bit of a long review, but with that I am just going to dive right in!

Restaurant: The Marquis
Cuisine:  French/Parisian
Mains Price: $25 – $35
Dress Code: Neat Casual (Girls – think a nice frock, Lads – think jeans and a nice shirt)
Mood: Relaxed yet special (explained more further down)
Specialty: Use of their Sommelier
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We arrived at The Marquis to find a very busy, yet snug and inviting looking restaurant. You instantly want to be a part of the scene that you find. Its trendy, people are having a good time and there is a buzz about the room – it’s exciting!

It took us a minute or two to find someone, and when we did, we thought our night was over before it began – they couldn’t find our booking! But after a minute of confusion, we realised they had booked under my last name, and with a sheepish look on my face we were lead to our table which was in the back of the seated area. This was great! Only 3 other couples were close by and there was a lower noise level than the rest of the restaurant – perfect for long romantic chats… or something like that!

We were given a ‘per glass’ wine menu and a brief explanation that we could select a bottle from the giant wall of wines that we passed as we entered with the help of their Sommelier should we wish. Instantly, we know which option we were to choose.

Our waiter for the evening, Haydn, was quick to return to take drink orders, but seeing we were going to order a bottle after we’d chosen our food, he let us be for a while. We were too busy chatting to even look at our menu, taking in the surroundings and commenting on how comfy, warm and decadent the decor looked, so when Haydn returned once again and answered some of our questions (like what is Epoisse?), we then decided we should start looking seriously at the menu.


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So, what’s good on Gouger?

Well, isn’t that the question on most people’s mouths when they plan a dinner or dessert night out on Adelaide’s infamous Gouger street?!

That’s why we’re here! Follow myself (Maria) and Andy, as well as the occasional guest, on a delicious and mouth watering journey down one of Adelaide’s most diverse streets. We will go where, well… most of you have probably gone before, but we will be documenting every restaurant, course, plate and bite we take with great detail and taking tantalising pictures along the way. Then, when we’re home, recovering from our food comas, we will compile all of those details into a handy and informative post for you to read, and start to create a library of wealth on the food scene that is Gouger street.

What will we tell you?  Each post will have a short description at the beginning detailing:

Mains Price: $xx – $xx
Dress Code:
Specialty: (if available)

We feel these things are what helps you determine where you’ll go, what you’ll eat and if it fits in your budget. It’s always on our minds because like most people, we don’t have $100 to spend on a single dinner every week, and you don’t want to get caught out with a huge bill at the end of the night, nor walk in with your best ‘After 9’s’ on when everyone else in wearing flannie shirts and cut offs.

To have a look into what we’re doing in more detail, will have a look at this page, or if you want to see who we are (apart from, soon to be very broke), have a look here. Apart from that, stay tuned as we will hopefully have our first blog after a (surprise) dinner for Andy on one of the most romantic days of the year, Valentine’s Day! The venue? You’ll just have to check back to find out!